April 2016 Recap

I’ve been meaning to start monthly blogs for a while now, and today I’ll begin following up on that self-promise. I want to use this as a place to summarize what I’ve been up to recently, to solidify in concrete that I do, in fact, utilize my time productively once in a great while. This was a weird, stagnant month for me, in which time whistled around my fingers as evasive as the spring breeze.

The Projects

Mainly, The Paragon. The Paragon is a (decently long) short story that I wrote a while ago. It’s about a girl and her android therapist. I decided to release it in weekly segments online. I will be posting the links here, and once the full story has been released, I’ll post a full text version of it on this site. Three parts went up in April, and you can find them here:

The Paragon – Part 1Part 2Part 3

Beyond that, I’ve been focusing on my sketchbook. I bought my current sketchbook last summer with the thought that I would fill it with work that I was actually proud of, in some way or another. Usually, my sketchbooks are haphazard attempts, full of sketches that I despise and never want to share, eventually torn out or discarded. I move on. The exception is the book from my study abroad trip to France, which is a work I have abundant pride in. I wanted to recreate that quality, but from my everyday experiences, finding inspiration around my present self.

In a good month, I’ll maybe fill 5 pages of this current sketchbook. I don’t think I’ve missed any full months since I began. This month, I was on fire. I completed 17 pages of my sketchbook, which is unprecedented for me. Sketches include two fully painted portraits, some loose pen drawings of friends, and portraits of the characters from my incomplete novel. I have some WIP shots of one of the spreads, a tribute to David Bowie.

IMG_8584 IMG_8585 IMG_8586

The sketchbook is coming close to being complete, and I will have accomplished my goal of filling a sketchbook within a year. When I’m closer to having completed it, I will post a sketchbook tour on my Tumblr.

The Reading

I read/listened to a bunch of books this month! Jane Eyre was my favorite read novel, finished at the beginning of the month. The Lady Trent Memoirs, the third and fourth specifically, were my favorite audiobooks. I also continued reading Bone in the comics world. Here are some reviews up on Goodreads!

The Fun Stuff

Did you know my friends have a Let’s Play channel? Cache Blasters is a fun little channel full of my dearest friends playing games, and sometimes I’m in them! Eric and I released two episodes of us messily playing Tales of the Abyss.

Beyond ours, there will be some funny stuff uploaded soon featuring Eric and Taker. It’s all for laughs. Please don’t take us seriously. We certainly don’t.

The Rest

I’ve submitted two stories and received two rejections this month, but two stories are still out. I’ve applied to one job, and I need to work on that more. Still working on finishing Eric and my longboards. Eric’s is coming close, but mine has a long way to go. Went to one concert this month, Gogol Bordello, made kites with my dad, and brought my mom to and from the airport as she left for a grand cruise adventure. My niece turned six and we celebrated her birthday outside on a beautiful spring day, and the kids all swam in the lake even though the water shivered off them soon afterward. We went on a few nice skates and it has become very obvious that my rollerblades need some TLC.

That’s about it. See you at the end of May.

© Melanie Staten 2015